“Feed the Truth” organization aims to prioritize ethics & transparency in the food industry

By March 22, 2017Company

By Lauren Otto

In the midst of many different changes in the food industry, Daniel Lubetzky, the CEO of KIND, has decided to initiate a new effort to expose and transform the food industry’s influence on public health.

Starting with $5 million, and continuing with $20 million more over the next 10 years, Lubetzky is launching and funding an organization called Feed the Truth (Forbes). According to the organization’s website,

“Feed the Truth aims to improve public health by making truth, transparency and integrity the foremost values in today’s food system. It will achieve this by bringing together a collection of experts and organizations to serve as an authoritative body that ensures science overrules special interests in the arenas of food regulation, education, promotion and production.”

As a part of these initiatives, the organization will provide resources and education programs “to bring more transparency to the industry and help educate consumers.”

Perhaps one of the most significant elements of this new initiative is the fact that Lubetzky has publicly stated that he will solely be funding the organization, not directing it. After selecting Debra Eschmeyer (Executive Director of the Let’s Move! Initiative and former Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy), Michael Jacobson (PhD, Co-Founder and President of the Center for Science in the Public Interest), and Marion Nestle (PhD, MPH, Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University) to appoint Feed the Truth board members, Lubetzky is stepping away from the organization so that it is completely independent from any food companies (Forbes).

“As a business owner, I understand the importance of prioritizing your bottom line, but it’s equally as important to consider how you can succeed while also thinking about the long-term impact on the community,” Lubetzky said in a press conference (Forbes).

The possibilities for the future of Feed the Truth include investigative journalism initiatives, consumer education campaigns, and educational briefings for policy makers and food industry leaders  (Forbes).

This initiative is truly revolutionary, and opens doors to a future of transparency in the food industry in new ways than ever before. Lubetzky’s bold steps will hopefully continue to gain support and inspire other business and government leaders connected to the food industry to purse a future of ethical research, education and communication with its consumers.

As two companies that are passionate about nutrition policy and government messaging in terms of the food industry, Feed the Truth’s goals are extremely exciting for Greenfield Natural Kitchen and D. Brian’s Deli and Catering. We desire our value of honesty between the food industry and consumers to be at the core of all we do, and to see progress like this being made truly is the type of change and activism we stand behind.

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