GMO’s not sold here

By June 8, 2015Company

I don’t want my food to be adulterated – I’ll take it in its natural state, just the way nature intended, thank you very much. I have a healthy mistrust of genetic engineering, so the whole idea behind GE tastes terrible to me. We are going to insert an extra gene in a food crop like corn, soy, sugar beets, alfalfa, canola, why? So they will survive when the grower applies greater amounts of Round Up? This is wrong.

Call me a skeptic, but I don’t trust studies and reports from the GMO producers that say that genetically engineered foods are safe. I want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and that means knowing what’s in the food I eat.  So when I’m told that GMO’s are safe, and that’s why they don’t need a label, I think ‘Are you kidding me?’. Americans have a long tradition of ingredient and nutritional labeling and we have a right to know what’s in our food so we can make informed buying decisions. GMO labeling is required in many countries including Europe, China, Japan, Australia, and Brazil. It should be required in the US.

Here’s the good news:  GMO labeling won’t be a problem for GNK customers, because we do not use any GMO products. We choose organic where we can (alfalfa sprouts, sugar beets, edamame) or we don’t offer the item (corn). It costs a little more, but I believe it’s the best path for customers of GNK. So continue to enjoy your personalized meals knowing that they are free of GMO’s.